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Timeline of Roman Emperors and Common Groupings

Timeline of Roman Emperors and Common Groupings This list of Roman emperors goes from the first emperor (Octavian, who is better known as Augustus) to the last emperor in the West (Romulus Augustulus). In the East, the Roman Empire continued until Constantinople (Byzantium) was sacked in A.D. 1453. This takes you through the standard period of Roman emperors, from the end of the 1st century B.C. to the end of the 5th century A.D. During the second period of the Roman Empire, the Dominate - as opposed to the earlier period which was known as the Principate, there was an emperor at Constantinople as well as the one in the West. Rome was originally the capital of the Roman emperor. Later, it moved to Milan, and then Ravenna (A.D. 402-476). After the fall of Romulus Augustulus, in A.D. 476, Rome continued to have an emperor for almost another millennium, but that Roman emperor ruled from the East. Julio-Claudians (31 or) 27 B.C. - 14 A.D. Augustus14 - 37 Tiberius37 - 41 Caligula41 - 54 Claudius54 - 68 Nero Year of the 4 Emperors (ends with Vespasian)68 - 69 Galba69 Otho69 Vitellius Flavian Dynasty 69 - 79 Vespasian79 - 81 Titus81 - 96 Domitian 5 Good Emperors 96 - 98 Nerva98 - 117 Trajan117 - 138 Hadrian138 - 161 Antoninus Pius161 - 180 Marcus Aurelius(161 - 169 Lucius Verus) The next cluster of emperors is not part of a specific dynasty or other common grouping, but includes 4 from the year of the 5 emperors, 193.177/180 - 192 Commodus193 Pertinax193 Didius Julianus193 - 194 Pescennius Niger193 - 197 Clodius Albinus Severans 193 - 211 Septimius Severus198/212 - 217 Caracalla217 - 218 Macrinus218 - 222 Elagabalus222 - 235 Severus Alexander More emperors without a dynastic label, although it includes the year of the 6 emperors, 238.235 - 238 Maximinus238 Gordian I and II238 Balbinus and Pupienus238 - 244 Gordian III244 - 249 Philip the Arab249 - 251 Decius251 - 253 Gallus253 - 260 Valerian254 - 268 Gallienus268 - 270 Claudius Gothicus270 - 275 Aurelian275 - 276 Tacitus276 - 282 Probus282 - 285 Carus Carinus Numerian Tetrarchy 285-ca.310 Diocletian295 L. Domitius Domitianus297-298 Aurelius Achilleus303 Eugenius285-ca.310 Maximianus Herculius285 Amandus285 AelianusIulianus286?-297? British Emperors286/7-293 Carausius293-296/7 Allectus293-306 Constantius I Chlorus Dynasty of Constantine 293-311 Galerius305-313 Maximinus Daia305-307 Severus II306-312 Maxentius308-309 L. Domitius Alexander308-324 Licinius314? Valens324 Martinianus306-337 Constantinus I333/334 Calocaerus337-340 Constantinus II337-350 Constans I337-361 Constantius II350-353 Magnentius350 Nepotian350 Vetranio355 Silvanus361-363 Julianus363-364 Jovianus Here are more emperors without a dynastic label.364-375 Valentinianus I375 Firmus364-378 Valens365-366 Procopius366 Marcellus367-383 Gratian375-392 Valentinianus II378-395 Theodosius I383-388 Magnus Maximus384-388 Flavius Victor392-394 Eugenius 395-423 Honorius [Division of the Empire - Honorius brother Arcadius ruled the East 395-408]407-411 Constantine III usurper421 Constantius III423-425 Johannes425-455 Valentinian III455 Petronius Maximus455-456 Avitus457-461 Majorian461-465 Libius Severus467-472 Anthemius468 Arvandus470 Romanus472 Olybrius473-474 Glycerius474-475 Julius Nepos475-476 Romulus Augustulus

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