Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Discussion on Modes of Arguments Research Paper

Discussion on Modes of Arguments - Research Paper Example He seems to be of the opinion that Native Americans deserve the positions and the American economy would survive and even improve without immigrants. But when we read the topic further, it seems something different from where it was started. He seems to argue over the low wage rate in his writing. He argued that since the Americans after graduating do not indulge themselves in learning technical skills, they are not able to contribute to the technical fields. They are also not able to earn high for that very reason. The argument seems too vaguely discussed that one may relate his assertions to America’s incapability of taking on management and technical roles. Does the author argue on having immigrants at higher level managerial roles then? Certainly not! The author seems to support America’s capability of providing low skilled labor insufficient supply to meet the demands. The argument posed a bit negative and was not formulated carefully. Chiswick supports his claim f or the eradication of immigrants by referring to students, housewives and the retired population of America, who would gladly take on the roles requiring low-skills to meet their needs. The author intentionally pointed towards housewives and students to rise up an emotional appeal for the rights and needs of these weak, sensitive and apparently dependent groups. This is an excellent example of a ‘pathos’ element of writing used in the content under discussion. He further states that there is a concentration of low-skilled workers in America due to legal and illegal immigration. The supply of low-skilled labor is more than its demand which results in lowering of the wage rates. He used the case of a farmer to evidence the needlessness of immigrants. He uses the logos element by reasoning that using machines and the latest technologies, the costs can be reduced and efficiency improved in almost every field. The apparently logical and practical reason, however, seems flawe d as the machinery, latest technologies and its use require much more capital investment that could be afforded by farmers, small-scale businesses and sole- proprietors etc. In the last paragraph, the author seems to persuade the American nation by putting forward emotional arguments. He uses ethos to some extent by using proper tone, developing a sense of unity and motivating the Americans by identifying their strengths. In my opinion, the author has not developed a sound case. This writing starts from one direction and ends on another making the topic and discussion confusing. The writer is not able to maintain harmony throughout his writing. The absurdity of his reasoning is apparent in the last few paragraphs where he offers the reduction in changing of sheets and towels. The American economy does not need low-skilled workers for changing sheets and towels only. Reducing consumption or changing patterns would not only reduce the quality of services provided by hotels, restaurant s and other businesses but would also threaten the existence of many businesses.  Ã‚  

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